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The Call

Providence, RI

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In 1996 "The Last Call Saloon" in Providence, Rhode Island jazz and blues club icon, changed hands. The new owner whole had ties to the national music scene, had many ideas for the new club, but there were three over-riding guidelines that set the tone for the final design. The first was, that after completion of renovations, he wanted the patrons to be able to recall he former club in the revised version. Secondly, he wanted the club to have the best sound and light systems in the city. Finally, he wanted the new "Call" to be the finest, most refined club in the state. According to Andy Smith, the former Providence Journal music editor, the club was successful on all counts. 

The existing space was completely gutted, down to bare earth. To improve sight and sound, the Owner asked that the floor level be lowered in part of the clu. Considering that the space was house in the ground floor of a seven story building, this was no mean feat. The building has to be shored while existing columns were removed, earth excavated and new columns erected. New finishes included hardwood floors, and solid wood bead board wainscoting throughout. Careful attention was paid to lighting fixture selection, location and detailing. The final character of the club melded fine wood detailing with the gritty integrity reminiscent of the mill building's past.