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Waterfront Residence

Tiverton, RI

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Located near the mouth of the Sakonnett River in Tiverton, RI, this private residence enjoys spectacular sunsets across the Rhode Island Sound. The owner had a very particular image of what his home should look like. The permanence of masonry construction utilizing brick and stone were an important sign of a long-lasting edifice and also provided a practical, low maintenance finish.  The Doric column, entablature, frieze and solid base are used throughout the exterior facade and interior elevations. Historical precedent and an established aesthetic were employed, as this was what the owner felt most ‘at home’ with.


A traditional arrangement of interior spaces makes for a simple layout of the rooms as shown on the first floor plan. The first room encountered upon entering the house is the drum shaped volume enclosing the primary stair and elevator. This two-story room sets the boundaries that determine what are public and private spaces within the home. Visitors can be greeted and invited to socialize in the foyer or to move into other rooms that are visually accessible from the entrance.  From this vantage point, a guest has an immediate understanding of the public spaces, the dining room and the great room. It also offers an initial view of the coastline that opens up as one moves into these spaces.


One of the most important features of this home is its location. The views are absolutely incredible. We took every opportunity to orient a room towards the river including the master bedroom and bathroom located on the second floor.